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Golf Course Tab

Last Updated: Feb 11, 2015 09:40AM PST
The golf course tab is now available! With this feature, you can build out a golf course range and allow users to score their games right in the app.


1. In Step 1 (Functionality), click Add New Tab.

2. Create a Tab Title, select Golf Courses Tab from the Tab Function drop-down, and choose an icon or upload your own. Save your changes. (You can change all this information later.)

3. Go to Step 2 (Content) and click on your new tab. You'll see a few options here.

4. The first checkbox will put a transparent overlay between the tab's background image and the text in the hold detail view. This improves visibility for your users while they're on the course, presumably in direct sunlight.

Here's an example of the transparent overlay.

5. Now you're ready to start adding your golf course content. Click Add Golf Course to begin.

6. The Add Golf Course window will pop up. Here, you'll fill out info for this course and each hole.

Note: Global information (the course name and thumbnail image) will remain the same for each hole, so you do not need to input this each time.

7. Open a new browser tab and navigate to maps.google.com. Here you can find the coordinates of the golf course.

8. Type the course into the search. Once there, zoom into each hole as far as possible. Now you can select the front, middle, and back of the green by right-clicking each location on the map, selecting "What's here?" and viewing the coordinates at the top left.

9. Return to the CMS and copy the coordinates into their respective fields. Click the Save button at the bottom of the window when you're done.

10. Repeat this process for each hole. When you're finished, your back-end settings will appear as below. You can add a background image through the tab, or do so in Step 3 (Appearance).

Here are a few views of the Golf Course tab in action.

Other things to note:
  • You can add multiple Courses.
  • You can also download the .CSV file as a template, add content to it, then re-upload the .CSV into the CMS. This will update the tab with the new info.

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